“Vi har ikke opgivet vores mål og bøjet os for den singalesiske stat” – siger LTTE

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“Vi har ikke opgivet vores mål og bøjet os for den singalesiske stat” – siger LTTE

De Tamilske befrielses Tigres (LTTE ) Internationale Kontor siger i deres helte dags erklæring: “Vi har ikke opgivet vores mål og bøjet os for den singalesiske stat. Ej heller har vi opgivet vort folks rettigheder til at søge ekstra goder og privilegier fra den singalesiske stat. Vi har givet det internationale samfund mulighed for at fuldfylde sin forpligtelse til at beskytte vores folk og give dem deres rettigheder gennem fredelige midler, vi har ensidigt holdt fred i de seneste halvandet år. Den afgørelse har været vanskelig for os at træffe. Den tålmodighed, som vi opretholder nu med integritet og underforståede budskaber, er ideologisk langt mere relevant end den tålmodighed vi fastholdt i løbet af den norske fredsproces. De tab, vi oplever, er større end dem vi led under fredsprocessen. ”

I morgen d. 27. november, mindes tamilerne i mere end 25 lande, de der faldt i Tamileelams befrielseskamp.

I tamilernes hjemland, har Sri Lankas hær ødelagt alle kirkegårde hvor tamilske frihedskæmpere er blevet begravet. Nogle af kirkegårdene er blevet omdannet til militærbaser.

I går blev tamilske avis redaktioner i Jaffna truet af Sri Lankas hær, der vil brænde redaktionerne ned, hvis de bringer nyheder om helte dagen.

I Danmark bliver der således afholdt minde arrangementer i både Holbæk og Herning.

 De Tamilske befrielses Tigres (LTTE ) Internationale Kontors helte dags erklæring

Den fulde ordlyd af pressemeddelelsen fra LTTE på engelsk følger:

International Co-ordinating Office
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
Tamil Eelam
26 November 2010

Urgent Press Release

LTTE’s demonstrated commitment to peace is an appeal to the international community to deliver political
remedy against unchecked Tamil genocide The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has called the upon international community to recognise Tamils’ right to independent statehood and indict the Sri Lankan government for continuously waging genocide against the Tamil Nation and for perpetuating appalling war crimes during the war.
In a statement released today, to mark the annual Great Heroes Day which falls on November 27, the
LTTE’s International Co-ordinating Office has affirmed the organisation’s continued commitment to
peace and noted that Tamils still have faith in the international community’s ability to deliver them
political justice.

“As the global Tamils community marks the Great Heroes’ Week and commemorates the beloved
heroes who had sacrificed their lives in the Eelam Tamils’ just struggle for independent statehood,
based on the principles of national self-determination. The Sinhala state – having occupied the Tamil
homeland through a bloody and brutal war – has embarked on a sinister genocidal campaign to systematically
destroy the Tamil Nation, its homeland and the Tamil language, heritage and culture.
Having imposed, on the one hand, jungle law in Southern Sri Lanka, the Rajapaksha dynasty has, on
the other hand, unleashed the rule of terror in the Tamil homeland.

Depicting himself as the modern Dutegemunu and having crowned himself within mythical world of
Mahavamsa, the Sri Lankan president Rajapaksha takes pride in identifying himself as the top chauvinist
of all times. Even though Dutegemunu defeated the ancient Tamil King Ellalan through deceit,
he sought to prove his own nobleness by building a monument for the Tamil King. However, while
pronouncing himself as the descendent of Dutegemunu, Rajapaksha has razed to ground the resting
places of our National Heroes and thereby proclaimed himself as the defender of an extremist and exclusivist
ideology of Sinhala Buddhism.

Today, the Eelam Tamils face a historically unprecedented challenge. The Sinhala state, having declared
‘peace’ through military victory to the international community, conducts a new form of war
in our homeland against our people, for the past one and a half years.

The genocidal campaign that the Sri Lankan state had waged against the Tamils for the past six
decades, through military might, is now continuing unchecked with what it ultimately seeks to

Our lands are being confiscated under the guise of resettlement and in the name of development our
natural resources are being sold to alien forces. Our historical habitations are being occupied under the
pretext of high security zones. In the name of ‘reconciliation’, Sinhala colonisation is taking place in
our homeland. Our culture is being destroyed. Our nation, entitled to the right to self-determination
and independent statehood, is being falsely projected as a ‘minority’ and our people’s economic life and
rights are being confiscated.

At the same time, seeking to strengthen the manpower and firepower of its armed forces, the Sinhala
state has allocated unprecedented amount of funds for its war budget and is converting the Tamil
homeland into military zones.

Yet, the Sinhala state is unable to destroy Tamils’ aspiration for independent statehood, which remains
in their hearts as an unquenchable thirst and eternal flame.

The Tamil Nation has not been destroyed, as otherwise imagined by the Sri Lankan state. Neither has
our political struggle come to an end. While our goal remains the same, the form of our struggle has
evolved in accordance with the changing times and is always guided by historical developments.
Tamils are not war mongers. We are a Nation seeking peace. We seek to forge harmonious relationship
with other peoples of the world and co-exist with them while preserving our language, culture and
economic life – in our own homeland. We aspire for our sovereignty – which was denied by our former
colonial rulers and continues to be under the occupation of the Sinhala state – and to establish our
own state in our own homeland, and to be governed ourselves.

We neither opted for armed struggle nor war. They were imposed on us. Even when the VanniWar escalated,
time and time again we expressed our willingness for a ceasefire. Our cadres, who protected
our people by putting their own lives at risk, were prepared to make the utmost sacrifices for the sake
of our people. Even when our territory began to shrink due to alien occupation, our cadres worked beyond
their means to alleviate the sufferings of our people. Our cadres made unprecedented sacrifices
at Mullivaikal on the belief that the international community will take responsibility for the safety of
our people.

We have not given up our goal and bowed down before the Sinhala state. Neither have we given up
our people’s rights inorder to seek perks and privileges from the Sinhala state.

Providing an opportunity for the international community to fulfil its commitment to protect our people
and endow them with their rights through peaceful means, we have been unilaterally keeping peace
for the past one and a half years.

This decision of ours is a difficult one. The patience, which we maintain now with integrity and implied
messages, is ideologically much more meaningful than the patience we maintained during the
Norwegian peace process. The losses we undergo are greater than those that we had suffered during
the peace process.

During theMullivaikal war, our unarmed political cadres who sought to negotiate for the safety of our
people were murdered cowardly by the Sri Lankan state. Our wounded cadres who were in need urgent
medical care were subjected to annihilation and illegal detention, violating the norms of International

Our people who sought shelter on the shores of Mullivaikal, expecting help from the international
community, were massacred in cold-blood. The remaining people were herded into concentration
camps and subjected to untold suffering. Sexual violence was unleashed on our women. The sufferings
our people underwent in the barbed-wire camps cannot be described in words. Their miseries are

Our people, who relied on the humanitarian impulses of the international community, were rewarded
with death by the Sinhala chauvinistic state of Sri Lanka.

Yet, we have neither lost faith in the humanitarian impulses of the international community nor in justice.
We have faith that the international community, witnessing the nature of the extreme Sinhala-
Buddhist agenda of Tamil genocide, will act to facilitate our people to regain their rights and establish
an independent state of Tamil Eelam in our own homeland. Despite the Sinhala state pushing our nation
to the verge of tolerance, we have not lost faith in the global human civilisation.

We are heartened to note that there are leaders who continue to voice for the rights of our people and
we urge them to come forward in openly recognising our nation’s right to independent statehood.
Amidst the reluctance of world leaders to acknowledge the genocide that the Sinhala state is perpetuating
against the Tamil nation, their calls for investigation of war crimes strengthen our resolve.We
still hope that world leaders will come to the conclusion that seeking any political solution from the
Sinhala state, which has been actively implementing a genocidal agenda for the past six decades to
completely wipe-out the Tamil race from the island, would serve no purpose and that they would take
just steps to facilitate our nation’s political independence.

We do not seek to secede from a land that belongs to the Sinhala nation. Nor do we advocate separatism
guided by terrorism.We are neither terrorists nor separatists who enshrine ethnic cleansing in our ideology.
We are a national liberation movement aspiring for the political rights of our people, their political
independence, and their sovereignty on the basis of the cardinal principles of the right to national
self-determination – as enjoyed by many other nations in the politically civilised world.

Hence, we call upon the international community to realise this truth, recognise our nation’s right to
self-determination and create conditions conducive for the formation of an independent state of Tamil
Eelam. At the same time, we urge the international community to bring the exclusivist Sinhala rulers,
who wage a genocidal war against our people and had perpetuated war crimes, to justice.

The Sri Lankan state continues to keep our cadres and supporters who were taken captive, during the
Mullivaikal war, incommunicado. Similarly a large number of our people, who were arrested under
the Sinhala state’s draconian Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) and Emergency regulations, are languishing
in jails without trial. We request the international community to prevail upon the Sinhala
state for the unconditional release of all Prisoners ofWar (PoW) and other political prisoners.

We believe that world leaders will understand the faith that our people have placed on the global community
and take meaningful steps, without delay, to help our nation achieve its political, social, collective
and individual human rights.”

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