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Transnational experiment can’t be allowed to go astray, says younger generation.

Conventional ‘government-modelled’ power politics shouldn’t be allowed to hijack the ideals of the experiment of transnational struggle by Eezham Tamils for their liberation, says the younger generation in the diaspora that on Saturday announced certain moves to set bearings for the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE). Consisting of members elected as well as contested to the TGTE and led by the younger generation, the TGTE-Democrats said that they would not obstruct the activities of the current executive of the TGTE, even though they didn’t agree with the one-person leadership constitution, but would work for evolving a proper constitution for the next election. To carry out the program, elected TGTE-Democrats decided to mandate 9 among them to function for two years as a committee and the committee to annually appoint 3 executives.