Relief becomes a problem – Killinochchi GA

Civil authorities in the north say that in the providing essential relief to the displaced Killinochchi district has become difficult as fighting intensifies. Government Agent Nagalingam Vedanayagam said that about twenty five thousand are displaced as civilians flee their villages fearing further fighting. “Most of these people are from Iranamadu Junction, Murugandi and Arivial Nagar ,” said Vedanayagam. Civilians who have fled their villages after artillery fire exchanges are taking refuge in Hindu tempals and schools while some have to live under trees said the GA to journalist Dinasena Rathugamage. “Providing relief is becoming a problem because there are only about twenty five percent of the government officials in the area , ” said Vedanayagam. The GA said that many government officials have left the area after claymore bomb attacks while some others are reporting to offices away from Kilinochchi. Relief agencies including the UN is leaving the area has worsened the problem according to the GA. “These relief agencies provided cooked meals, transported the injured to the hospital, and put up tents for the displaced ”said Vedayanaygam.
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