This is the Holy Day on which we venerate the Heroes who were the impetus for our National Liberation Struggle.

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This is the Holy Day on which we venerate the Heroes who were the impetus for our National Liberation Struggle.

Head Quarters, H/S/D/A/07/12

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam,

Tamil Eelam.

27/11/ 2012.

Dear loved and respected Tamil Eelam People,

Today is Martyr’s Day

This is the Holy Day on which we venerate the Heroes who were the impetus for our National Liberation Struggle.

This is the day we remember the virtuous who sacrificed their body and soul on our behalf fighting the enemy forces that occupied our land and caused suffering among our people.

If the Tamil Eelam liberation struggle brought up many a sacrifice an achievement not witnessed in the annals of world history those spectacles were solely due to our Martyrs.

The honour of carrying the Tamil Eelam Liberation struggle to the pinnacle of heroism falls squarely on these heroic sons. It is their sacrifice that helped our struggle take centre stage in the world arena.

This Holy Day on which we light the lamps and hold endearing memories of our Martyr sons who faced the enemy that invaded our land with the assistance of foreign domineering forces fought single minded is also our day of awakening.

They did not fight for their love of fighting, neither for fame nor for accolade. They ventured to fight only against oppression that targeted our language, race and heritage. They engaged in the armed struggle solely against the oppression the Singhalese chauvinists unleashed on our land and our people.

Parents and families of these Martyrs are to be proud forever. The families of our Sons of the Nation remain earning the highest respect of our Nation.

Our struggle originated and developed on the principles of justice. It transformed in to the armed mode due to factors necessitated by time. Our people chose the armed struggle as a last resort only after exhausting all other options. Our struggle has all the justifications that marks armed liberation struggles all over the world that occurred in the past and continue to this day.

Our struggle developed and marched steadfast with justice, immense popular support and the utmost dedication of our Martyrs enabling it to become the prime focus in the world arena. We recaptured a substantial area of our lands and from a position of strength we accepted the call from the international community to enter peace talks. Despite the lack of any progress in Norway facilitated peace talks we displayed our patience in attempts at finding a peaceful solution.

In the midst of long procrastinations aimed at weakening our Movement and the struggle and the Sri Lankan government readying itself for waging war on Tamils, we continued to be passive and tolerant. However, a cruel war was unleashed on our people despite our patience and accommodation.

Our people were uprooted in the offensives launched on our lands and were killed gorily in hundreds and thousands in the war waged with the help of the domineering forces. In this context we engaged in a defensive war and sought a ceasefire. The Tamil Diaspora launched struggles the world over seeking protection for our people.

But the brutal war waged against our people with the tacit support of varied forces led to the Mullivaaikkaal catastrophe for our people. Our people suffered an immense human tragedy while the world looked askance.

The plight of the Tamil people has been very adversely affected during the 3 ½ years after the announcement that the war had ended. The Sinhalese nation is engaged in a many- faceted move to destroy the concept of Tamil Homeland. Whereas it evicts Tamils from their traditional habitats instead it is systematically establishing Singhalese settlements. Singhalese settlements bent on economic exploitation continue to abound. Resources of Tamils are expropriated particularly in southern Tamil Eelam with a view to diminishing the Tamil segment of the demographic pattern. The situation in southern Tamil Eelam is that Tamils will lose representation in politics in future polls.

Elections in the Eastern Province conducted by the Sinhalese government represent the attempts at the highest level to destroy the concept of a Tamil Homeland. It had been the dream of the Singhalese government in the past to stifle the smouldering concept of a Tamil Homeland comprising the North and East and to impose a half baked provincial level solution in place as a substitute for our rights to a sovereign state.

Our people are still surrounded by the Sri Lankan military even 3 ½ after the announcement that war had come to an end. Our people spend their daily lives in a highly militarised surrounding the civil administration is militarised. Even today the civil administration is not free from the constraints of the Sri Lankan military and its cohorts.

However, the will among our people to liberation the Motherland had not diminished despite the oppression and cruelty they endure. Our people have been compelled to become a society struggling for their existence after suffering the immense catastrophe not witnessed in the annals of world history. But they have demonstrated their will to attain liberation at every available turn. They have taken up protests against land alienation, oppression and murderous attacks on prisoners.

Dear Diaspora Brethren.

All of us are aware that the scope of the activities and protest struggles of Tamils in the Homeland who are subject to intense oppression are limited. In the event it your responsibility to play the significant role on the world stage. Implementing programmes for garnering support to ensure security for our people in the Homeland and voicing our will to freedom the world over rest with our Diaspora. The younger generation, in particular, has to be in the forefront in these efforts.

We have to take up our case with all social groups and win their support for our struggle. At the same time there is a need for us to work with echelons in governments and other institutions. It is also necessary for peoples’ organisations with varying objectives to pool our resources and act in harmony thus working towards achieving our ultimate goal. Our rights need to be raised emphatically at every forum and through participation in struggles awareness programmes organised at all levels.

Not only the protection of our people in the Motherland but also the responsibility for their uplift rest with the Tamil Diaspora. Many programmes are in place for the uplift of our people in the Motherland. It is our wish that they are developed further.

Dear Thamilaham Brethren.

Thmilaham was our sanctuary since inception and bears the responsibility of standing by us. The interest you display irrespective of local politics towards the Eelam struggle is invaluable.

At a time when the security of our people in the Motherland is uncertain you are the closest ones to extend support. It is to you that our people first turn in their hour of need. The security of our people lies to a great extent in your hands. Our people have faith in that you will, as in the past, be their protective shield.

In today’s context there is an urgent need to propagate the just cause of Eelam struggle together with the political aspirations, across the whole of India. The fact that a few had embarked on this journey is very welcome. However, it is our seeking that all groups and leaders who support Eelam Tamils act in concert to reach this goal.

Dear Tamil speaking People

We Tamils are in a situation where we have to vigorously take forward the cause of our Liberation struggle before the international community. Nations states act giving priority to their economic and regional interest and they are utilising the genocide perpetrated on our people and their daily misery for furthering their political objectives. The catastrophe that our people faced is being used as lever for exerting pressure on the Sri Lankan government to compel it to toe their line.

The international community today is dwelling on human rights violations and rehabilitation of the war affected. No power appears to be effectively addressing our Liberation struggle or a reasonable political solution. This apathy of the international community is causing deep concerns among our people.

The international community is adopting silence as a ploy even in respect of the war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan government and the genocide spread over the years. The inaction of the United Nations together with the partiality of the international community constituted a spur for the Singhalese state in its attempts to destroy the Eelam struggle of our people. The international community has begun to accept openly that their approach to our Liberation struggle as terrorism has led to the brutal killing of Tamils.

According to the Internal Review Panel Report the rejection by the United Nations of appeals made by our people and our organisation and its subservience in the face of pressures brought to bear by the Sri Lankan government caused the killing of our people in large numbers. This lapse had been acknowledged recently by the Secretary General too. The expectation of our Tamil people is that such acceptance and acknowledgments should lead to securing the just rights and that they should not become mere instruments for issuing censures and providing deadlines for action.

Further, by continuing to maintain the proscription of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam Movement, the international community is conferring disparity to the struggle of the Tamils in the eyes of the world. We request that our proscription is lifted thereby enabling us to engage freely in political activities to ensure that the world takes on an equitable perspective towards the Tamils.

Dear Tamil Brethren the world over

Anyone with a reasonable conscience would have been stunned by the internal reports of the United Nations and evidence on war crimes in the international media. They would be with a disturbed conscience. However, this documentary evidence is worthless to this day for the super powers.

Truth will never be buried and humanism will not die out. The injustices done to our people will ultimately be accepted by a society that values humanity. The United Nations that maintained silence for 3 ½ years has now realised its failings and the states that leant assistance for the genocide and those that maintained silence will wake up to the just struggle of our people. Tamils world over will have to strive unitedly until then.

The Singhalese government had periodically demonstrated that it will never offer justice to Eelam Tamils. The Sri Lankan government has not come forward up to now to offer any reasonable solution to the Tamils. On the contrary it is implementing an agenda with a view to convert Sri Lanka in to a state only for the Singhalese.

In the current situation where the status that Tamils and Singhalese cannot live together in the Island of Ceylon has heightened, as never before in the past, we have no alternative other than to take forward the struggle for Liberation of the Tamil people.

Dear People of Tamil Eelam

In our journey of the Liberation struggle we will not be jaded by deaths, destruction and the incessant suffering. The determination to stick to the objective displayed by our Martyrs who sculptured our Liberation struggle with their blood and sweat will guide us forever.

Deaths, destruction and incessant suffering do not jade a people united in their objective while struggling against oppression. In accordance with this historical truth and on this day of Remembrance for those Martyrs who through their valour and sacrifice marked the will to freedom of the Tamils let us pledge to continue to struggle for the hallowed goal of Tamil Eelam Liberation.

“The Thirst of the Tigers is Tamil Eelam”

Head Quarters,
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
Tamil Eelam.

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