Help! – Or let us help! – Rally in Copenhagen.

Attend the Rally organized by TRO Denmark on the 4th of October at. 11.00 on “Kgs. Nytorv in Copenhagen” and show your solidarity for the more than 250.000 IDP´s in Vanni. Buses are arranged from the different parts of Denmark.
For further details contact: +45 28439283 or +45 22461178

The situation for the IDP´s in Vanni is more than critical at present. The count of the IDP´s are more than the number after the tsunami back in December 2004. The total number of IDP´s is around 250.000 now. At this time the UN and all INGO´s have decided to leave the Vanni and the IDP´s. This is because of a warning from the GoSL.

Therefore is almost a quarter million IDP´s without humanitarian assistance. The only NGO´s back to help this great number of IDP´s are the national Tamils NGO ´s, where TRO Sri Lanka is the main NGO working in Vanni.

TRO Denmark has been blocked in helping with humanitarian assistance, because of the governments freezing of their accounts since November 2007. This freezing’s is based on an American “terror list”.

Because of this unfair freezing and because of the great need of humanitarian assistance to the Vanni, TRO Denmark calls upon everybody to attend the rally on October 4th.

If the international community cant help, then at least let the Tamils help with humanitarian assistance.