Kamal asks fans to refrain from celebrating his birthday

Kollywood actor Kamal Haasan asked his fans to refrain from celebrating his birthday on November 7, as he was “deeply hurt by the killing of Tamils in Sri Lanka”. In a statement, Kamal Hasan said, “I beseech my fans to refrain from celebrations. An individual’s birthday loses credence or importance when genocide is practiced in our neighbouring island with renewed vigour.”

“Language, colour, creed and caste can no more be used as excuses for intolerance,” he said.

Urging his fans to “redirect” their energy and enthusiasm towards human compassion on his birthday, he said, “many are dying for a reason so unbelievably simple. They speak the same language Tamil, as I do. If my birthday can be used as a tiny fulcrum to leverage public opinion against this genocide, apart from the honour of gaining your love, I would have one more reason to be proud of my birth.”

“I am not qualified to offer solutions to the Sri Lankan problem. Nevertheless, I am sensible enough to refrain and restrain you from celebrations when our neigbours are helpless spectators to genocide and mass funerals,” he added.