“if you can’t deliver, then leave!” – Sri Lankan Army chef to INGOér

The “Business Today” magazine in its cover story for December had a lengthy interview with Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka on wide ranging issues pertaining to country’s security and ongoing military operations. On interview Amry chef said: “I am not saying that all NGOs and INGOs are in cahoots with the LTTE. That’s not necessarily true. The truth is that very little if at all has been done in the North by NGOs and INGOs, a situation which would naturally make – anyone suspicious about what they were actually doing in these areas with their money, their personnel, their equipment, vehicles and other machinery.” “The ICRC performs a very important role. Medicines Sans Frontiers does some good work and I am aware -of this. But the majority of INGOs and NGOs have not done anything constructive. They’ve mollycoddled the LTTE, have not acted in the national interest and the authorities should take serious note about all this. We are aware that some actually left equipment with – The bottom line is this: if you can’t deliver, then leave!”.