SLA shells A9 road in heart of Kilinochchi

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Around 12.00 midnight on 3 September, Sri Lanka military fired artillery shells that hit a Co-operative store behind the FORUT building on A9 road in the heart of Kilinochchi. Just 200 meters from this Co-operative building is the WFP compound where UN trucks that carry humanitarian aid from the south are parked and the UN stocks are maintained. The shelling hit a tree and then hit the backside of the Co-operative building. This Karachchi Co-operative building was being used for the temporary storage for all the stock belonging to other Co-operative shops from the displaced areas. The stock was strewn around this building awaiting reorganization when the artillery shells hit the building. The Sri Lanka military, it appears, is ever ready to treat all stock belonging to Tamils as a threat and does not hesitating to destroy them. KIlde: Peace Secretariat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam.( Automatisk oversat med google til Dansk. )

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