Why do Tamil people support LTTE?

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Why do Tamil people support LTTE?

Tamil people of North mainly supported LTTE organization not only for their terrorist activities mainly for discipline which they maintain in their ruling areas.

We do not argue that the activities of LTTE is correct . but however people accept LTTE for the disciplinary ruling which was lead by them I n their administrative areas.

LTTE always carried out a perfect ruling it doesn’t included corruption and robbery, special security was provided for women in the area , they always protect the cultural values, and they impose severe punishment against people engage in robbery, street thugery and gang fight.

Due to this Tamil people lead a life without sacredness. Without any fear women walked in the streets. Words such as robbers and thugs banded in that society. Due to this people always supports LTTE organization.

But since end of the war this situation was changed. Number of robberies, sward attacks , heroin usage, cultural violation activates were increased in the society.

At present youth are leading various groups through this they engage in various illegal activities such as gang fights, abductions, robbing the jewelries of women residing in the houses and also collecting ransom from the area residents.

If such conditions continues by 2013 people of the northern province would face difficulties to engage in their day today activities in the noon time. Most of the police officers attached to the Jaffna police are collecting ransom from the people in the same time they fail to arrest suspects connection with robberies and abductions which are taking place in their province.

In such situation how would they able to establish peace full surrounding which was established in province earlier (before the war) .

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